TSU Art Creators and Collectors are welcome to share their OriginalArt in this Group. Enjoy the potential of being in a specific niche group. You can reach exactly the right people…

I just created an “Art Creators and Collectors” Group


when you are an artist or when you know artists, CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT ON TSU and tell your #ArtFriends about this Group and about TSU Social Media.

TSU Social Media is a Network, that pays 90% of their Ad-Revenue to their USERS.

Here is a Screenshot of my TSU Royalties – I have to mention, that i have donated around 30-40 Dollars to different Charities, So, my Royalties normally should be at around $80 Dollars total.


I had also much greater Paydays, i am not 100% active everyday on tsu, that’s why you see so much UPS and DOWNS

My highest Royalties pay day was at $1,97 – Just around 2 bucks…. That’s not that bad i think.

CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT ON TSU – Post your own CONTENT, share great CONTENT, and get one of the highest engagements on Social Media.


I had +900 Views yesterday, so i am planing on being more active everyday…. Watch, what happenes, when i stay focused and on FIRE.

I am going to share some more results from TSU, just to show you, that it is DIFFERENT.

Greetings from Germany

Roman Rams

Monetization of Tsu Public Groups